Xantech 283D Designer Blink Emitter (Single)


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19 in stock

The 283D Blink-IR Designer Emitter from Xantech contains a small Infrared LED housed in a miniature, designer styled, black appearing, injection molded plastic shell. Unlike other emitters, the 283D emits visible red light in addition to IR (infrared) control signals when activated by IR commands sent to it by IR receivers or other Xantech controllers. The 283D is designed to be installed directly on the IR sensor window of the controlled device.

• Visible, low-output mini emitter
• Deep purple LEXAN shell
• Clear adhesive film included on emitter housing for attachment to IR window of controlled component
• Includes two .5″ pieces of double-sided clear adhesive tape for replacement purposes
• Lead is terminated with a 3.5mm mono mini plug
• 10ft wire
• Single

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