Water Spigot Rain Gauge – Box of 2


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Keep your garden blooming with the Water Spigot Rain Gauge! This handy tool measures rain in your home garden, so you can adjust your watering schedule accordingly. Make sure your flowers and plants get the water they need to thrive – with the Water Spigot Rain Gauge, you can do just that!


10 in stock

Looking to measure rainfall in your garden? Look no further than the Water Spigot Rain Gauge! This handy tool attaches to any standard water spigot and helps you keep track of how much rain is falling. Perfect for gardeners and weather enthusiasts of all levels, the Water Spigot Rain Gauge is a must-have for anyone interested in nature’s cycles. So add one to your cart today and be ready for the next storm!

3½”W x 3½”D x 33″H. Includes a glass gauge that measures up to 5″ of rainwater. 2 x per box

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