ViewSonic MN VP3881 37.5W WQHD+ 3840×1600 HDR10 24:10 USB3.1 HDMI DP SPK RTL


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VP3881 LCD 35 to 45 inches


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With an immersive curved screen and stunning WQHD+ 3840×1600 resolution, the ViewSonic VP3881 monitor elevates your viewing experience from flat to panoramic. Delivering incredible detail and vivid colors across wide viewing angles, this monitor is engineered to provide unmatched color accuracy, while HDR10 compatibility delivers a wider dynamic range of vivid colors and richer contrast. Thanks to an expansive 38” (37.5” viewable) frameless screen, ultra-wide 24:10 aspect ratio, and integrated speakers, this monitor is ideal for video editing, content development, and other color-critical applications. With a sleek and modern design, the VP3881 features a future-proof USB 3.1 type C port as well as DisplayPort technology, and HDMI. What’s more, HDCP 2.2 content protection is standard across all ports to provide secure 4K content playback, streaming and gaming. The VP3881 provides an amazing Delta E<2 value for superior and precise color accuracy. An integrated color uniformity function ensures consistent chromaticity across the screen, while a 14-bit 3D look-up table generates a stunningly smooth palette of 4.39 trillion colors. Hardware calibration is also available with the optional ViewSonic Colorbration Kit, which allows you to quickly and easily calibrate the monitor for photography, graphic design, and other professional applications.
• Immersive Curved Screen Design

• HDR10 Compatibility

• Loaded with Connectivity (USB TypeC, HDMI, DisplayPort, and HDCP 2.2)

• Ultimate Color Accuracy

• Professional Color Processing Capability

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