Toshiba HD MG07ACA14TE 14TB SATA 6GB s 7.2K RPM 256MB 512e Bare


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MG07ACA14TE Enterprise SATA 3.5 drive


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Using the world’s first 9-disk Helium-sealed design, the MG07ACA Enterprise Capacity SATA HDD provides up to 14TB of conventional magnetic recording (CMR) capacity and 7,200 rpm performance. The industry-standard 3.5-inch form-factor integrates easily into cloudscale storage infrastructure, business-critical servers and storage, and File and Object storage solutions. The MG07ACA Series utilizes Toshiba precision laser welding technology to seal helium inside the 9-disk mechanics for the life of the drive. The helium-sealed design reduces aerodynamic drag to deliver a lower operational power profile, helping to achieve TCO objectives for cloud-scale and software-defined data center infrastructure.

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