Supermicro CB CBL-SAST-0810 Internal MiniSAS HD SFF-8643 to 4 Right Angle SATA


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CBL-SAST-0810 Internal IDE


28 in stock

The Supermicro CBL-SAST-0810 enables internal MiniSAS HD SFF-8643 to 4 right angle (12Gb/s) SATA with sideband connections for storage. This cable is compliant with T10 and SFF standard and is verified with Supermicro servers, AOC cards, and storage. Each Supermicro cable is validated to ensure quality and performance.

• Copper Cable Assembly

• Perfect for Internal MiniSAS HD SFF-8643 to 4x 7-pin Right Angle SATA with Sideband Application

• Data rate up to 12Gb/s

• Supermicro Certified

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