SIIG Accessory JU-VG0012-S1 Adds another VGA port to USB enabled system Retail


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JU-VG0012-S1 Video Card Accessories


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SIIG’s USB 2.0 to VGA Pro adapter is designed to quickly and easily add an additional display to your USB-enabled (USB 2.0 or later) computer. This USB to VGA adapter comes with a 16MB of built-in display memory to work flawlessly with standard and wide screen monitors with resolutions of up to 1600 x 1200 @ 32-bit and 1920 x 1080 @ 32-bit respectively. The USB 2.0 to VGA Pro adapter features multiple display modes including primary, extended, and mirrored, and Windows suspend and hibernation power management support. The USB 2.0 to VGA Pro adapter is hot-pluggable and is powered from the USB bus, no external power adapter is needed. This USB to VGA adapter is a great tool to extend your display across two monitors or as an alternative display for your main screen.

SIIG’s USB to VGA Pro adapter is powered by DisplayLink chip, conforms to USB specification, revision 2.0, and is FCC and CE approved. With support for a wide variety of Windows and Mac operating systems and backed by SIIG’s limited 5-year warranty, this adapter is the smart choice to improve, enhance, and satisfy your computing experience.

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