Seagate SSD XF1230-1A0240 240GB 2.5 SATA 6Gb s eMLC Nytro XF1230 Bare


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XF1230-1A0240 Solid State Drive


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Cost-Effective SSD for Cloud Server Applications

With the growth of public and private cloud computing data centers that require
faster random accesses, cost-effective, higher-performance solid state drives
(SSDs) have become essential. SSDs with the SATA storage interface meet the
high performance and reliability requirements without disrupting legacy storage
infrastructures and additional investments in sofware and hardware.
The Seagate® Nytro® XF1230 SATA SSD is a cost-effective, enterprise-grade
SSD solution designed to deliver high, sustained and consistent performance for
significantly improved quality of service and enhanced user experience.

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