PNY VCX VCQP1000V2-PB NVIDIA Quadro P1000 v2 4GB GDDR5 Retail


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VCQP1000V2-PB Video Card w/4GB Memory


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The new Quadro P1000 combines the latest GPU architecture and display technologies, delivering up to 60% better performance than the previous generation. Powered by NVIDIA Pascal GPU technology, the P1000 is the most powerful low-profile professional graphics solution available, providing professional users with the most memory and best performance available in a small form factor workstation graphics card.

With professional customers looking to minimize the desktop footprint of their workstation without compromising performance, small form factor computing solutions are becoming more common. Today’s professional applications require small form factor workstations to provide full size features and performance in a compact package.

The P1000’s advanced and power efficient Pascal architecture GPU, 4K and 5K display support, and extensive ISV certification provide the most powerful low profile graphics solution available, delivering the performance and capabilities required by demanding professional applications in a compact and powerful professional graphics card. An expansive visual workspace of up to four 4K displays lets professionals view their designs, scenes or projects in stunning detail.


• Designers and engineers can create models with larger numbers of components and more complex assemblies.

• Support for up to four 4K displays provides for an expansive desktop enabling designers to work with multiple apps simultaneously.

• Quadro P1000 supports displays at up to 5K resolution.

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