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• The PGYTECH OSMO Pocket Universal Mount Kit contains: Action Camera L Bracket (x 1) OSMO Pocket Data Port to Universal Mount (x 1),Action Camera Universal Mount to ¼ (x 1).

• The PGYTECH OSMO Pocket Universal Mounts can provide a variety of possibilities for the OSMO POCKET to connect to other accessories, creating richer usage scenarios.

• Lifetime warranty-Provide you with the best satisfaction.

The PGYTECH OSMO Pocket L Bracket+ effectively modifies the interface position of the OSMO Pocket, GoPro,
and other compatible action cameras to improve the multi-angles and multi-scene creative possibilities.

The quick pin makes the installation and removal simple;
it can be utilized in conjunction with the wireless module for the OSMO Pocket without influencing the charging process.

The OSMO Pocket Data Port to Universal Mount provides a standard interface for OSMO Pocket
to connect a wide range of other devices such as the PGYTECH tripod,
the strap holder, the selfie stick, and others.

It enriches the functions and usage scenarios of the OSMO Pocket.

The PGYTECH Action Camera Universal Mount integrates a universal mount and a 1/4 interface,
enabling the interconnection of devices with two different interfaces.

The light and quick mounting-releasingpin design allows fast assembly and disassembly;
leaving behind the inconveniences of repeating rotations caused by traditional screws.

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