NZXT Accessory AH-2SA30-D1 HUE 2 RGB LED Strip Accessory (2x300mm – 10 LEDs) Retail


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AH-2SA30-D1 Accessories


17 in stock

Individually addressable RGB LEDs compatible with RGB lighting controller. Comes with magnet and double-sided tape for easy installation anywhere in your system.

• Instantaneous response time and lighting synchronization across accessories

• Numerous presets, smart, audio, gaming and custom modes

• Mix and match with other NZXT RGB accessories in each channel based on your needs

• Easy set-up and control with CAM’s intuitive interface

• *The RGB LED Strip Accessory does not include the RGB Lighting Controller, which is sold separately.

• *NZXT RGB Accessories are not compatible with the HUE+

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