LSI Logic Controller Card H5-25515-00 9300-4i4e SGL SAS 4PT 4PT 12G PCIE3 HBA


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H5-25515-00 SAS Controller


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1. Four ports internal, four ports external of 12Gb/s SAS + SATA ports

2. Eight lanes of PCI Express 3.0

3. Low-profile form factor

4. Mini-SAS HD connectors

5. LSI SAS 3008 12Gb/s SAS+SATA controller

6. Supports SSDs, HDDs, and tape drives

7. Provides connectivity in a low-profile form factor

8. 8 lanes of PCI Express 3.0 provides fast signaling for high bandwidth applications

9. High performance with 12Gb/s SAS data transfer rates

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