LSI Logic CC 05-50047-00 9405W-16I HBA 16P Int 1024 SAS SATA 24 NVMe Retail


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05-50047-00 RAID Controller


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The x16 low-profile HBA9405W-16i, is ideal for high-performing, bandwidth-intense applications. The 9405W-16i enables internal communication to PCIe JBOFs with the same management utilities customers are familiar with when connecting to SAS JBODs.

With the high sequential throughput, the 9405W-16i adapter delivers the performance and scalability needed by critical applications such as video streaming, medical imaging and big data analytics.

•Connects up to 1024 SAS/SATA devices and 24 NVMe

•Provides maximum connectivity and performance for high-end servers and applications

•Supports critical applications with the bandwidth of PCIe® 3.1 connectivity

•Ideal for connecting large-scale storage enclosures

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