Fractal Design AC FD-ACC-FLEX-VRC-25-BK Flex VRC-25 Vertical PCIE Riser Retail


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FD-ACC-FLEX-VRC-25-BK Accessories


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The Flex VRC-25 is the first PCIe riser cable kit specially designed for the Fractal Design Define R6 chassis with 2.5 slot vertical GPU mount support

• Full PCIe 3.0 support with uncompromising performance

• Patented shielded overlap cable structure for maximum transmission speed and stability

• Extra-long 210 mm heavy gauge ribbon cable is both durable and flexible

A proud heritage

Engineered with the same premium build quality and stylish aesthetics as the Define Series case, the VRC-25 creates a spectacular exhibition of your most powerful hardware with the same rock solid integrity of a board-mounted installation.

• Full PCIe 3.0 support for uncompromising performance for high-powered GPUs

• Patented shielded overlap cable structure guarantees maximum transmission speed and stability

• Right angle adapter with rigid PCB and standoffs enable a secure vertical mounting solution

• Heavy-duty double-sided wiring delivers up to 3x the power of traditional riser cables (auxiliary power connections are recommended for devices over 40W TDP)

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