Asus MB WS C422 PRO SE ATX Xeon C422 8DIMM 512GB 5PCIE Retail


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WS C422 PRO/SE LGA 1151 Motherboard


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Intel® LGA2066 ATX motherboard with complete IT infrastructure management supporting Intel® Xeon® processor and ECC memory
Powered by Intel® Xeon® W processor with ECC memory
ASUS Control Center – A software utility that provides convenient, secure and cost-saving centralized IT management for small and medium businesses
Server-grade design with built-in dual Intel Gigabit LAN
Next-gen transfer speeds – Up to 32Gbps dual M.2 and U.2, plus up to 10Gbps USB 3.1 Type-A and Type-C connections
Ultimate graphics power with 2/3-Way NVIDIA® SLITM and AMD® Crossfire X™
Ultra-efficient VRM heatsink – Metal fin array connected to large surface area via a heatpipe tames C422 thermals to enable unthrottled performance

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